Levis501 is unbeaten in the Levis family classic, 501 fall into two categories: 501 and 501R.501 Levis red tab series number 501;501R 501 Series, as well as type1. Online does have very few sell Levis authentic, but the vast majority of 501 jeans are imitated. As 5,011 is limited, is divided into four versions: original version, 10 wash, 5 year wash, washed 1 year.


If you are Levi’s store to buy, you can rest assured that purchasing, not to distinguish between true and false, available on the Web, beware, there are some things not said, everyone should be aware that online shopping is now the biggest Achilles heel is that these fakes. Look at those huge sales of Web site, sells hundreds of brands of jeans a day, can be estimated not one authentic goods. 501 is the largest of imitation jeans models, high copy really high level, and really similar to ours, but if you really want to 501, or go to the counter to buy it. In addition, the levis501 may not be appropriate for everyone. There is also, creases of the Levis, 1 line is not a single, but 2 to 3 thread New Zealand together, a bit like the feeling of cable winding.


Flag itself is Levis patented, but patent life, over time, similar to other companies or manufacturers can copy produced their own brand of flag. Flag is also one important way to tell, flag colors have many kinds, red is the most common, basic domestic are this color, seen from the front, from the top is marked with “Levi’s”, followed by “Levi’s”, in the positive and negative words in the middle of a ® (a registered trademark).