29 Oct

“Bull” days

Do not know where to know: jeans originated in United States West. At that time, Western Cowboys overload and high strength a day grazing and management, in response to the pants wearing too fast, clever Cowboys wore the original “jeans”. Today, jeans became a fashion. Around the world, complex variety of jeans out “postmodern” waves of denim fashion.


Numerous good jeans, Chase is numerous. Believe their hardwearing material is one of the many friends as the preferred standard. Girl dressed in jeans, tight kutong perfect body full of curves, graceful interpretation. Plump hips, Tall legs of all show confidence, filled with the sexiest. Real life, dirt, wear, jeans are always showing the General fabric dust resistance. May I ask you not to jeans “inexpensive” do dark or compassion?

Life, they always break into from time to time some amazing “complex”, and the ran alone. Period of experience, how much feeling, their nerve stimulation, so that the soul will not easily be numb. Intellectuals claiming manners add a lot of style, rich in a dull, quiet life.


After graduation, that wore four years Cowboys have long been washed white, texture soft, is no longer known as the jeans. Before coming to the unit, the father “bought” the continuing right to use it. To the team’s first weekend, travelling to the nearby small town shopping, missed a very Italian “forest horse” cowboy. Now I ushered myself a “cowboy” partner $ 35 worth of black Cowboys, rough, not very beautiful work, I have long liked, often wearing … … Rich fabrics making people aware of the sense of ease. Put it on, feels more solid! Career’s journey was no longer alone.

For so many years, graduating from middle school to high school, procured general decision by the mother of the clothes. Likes and dislikes, are often accepted with hesitation after good along the mother’s design style. To the University, I do not know whether originating in the awakening of the self-consciousness, solemnly declared to his mother – she “curtain falling” power is overhead. Lost for many years in charge of power, “lonely” also is the mother of his son bought a pair of pants, a denim. My gosh! I exception like this cowboy! Length weight and my near-perfect match, forgive me wanton narcissism.


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