7 Sep

Old is again new- Levi’s 501 is back!

When one says denim or jeans, the first words that come to mind are undoubtedly Levi’s jeans. This is the reputation which these clothing giants have built through over a century’s worth of hard work and high fashion. To be exact, it has been 140 years since the world famous Levi’s 501 collection was first launched!!


After the skinny jeans dominated the denim scene in almost over a decade, the jeans industry is finally witnessing a change in trends, back towards the high-rise, loose cut jeans. More and more designers can be seen opting for high rise jeans in their collections on the runway all over the world! Even vintage shops are claiming a sudden increase in sales of these late 80’s and early 90’s style denims.

Despite being the biggest denim brand in the industry, with the largest yearly turnover, Levi’s is today facing stiff competition from the plethora of brands producing denim apparel and jeans today. Levi’s witnessed a major drop in annual sales during the turn of century period.

But, the denim giants are ready to take advantage of this changing trend in jeans fashion by re-launching their ultra-popular Levi’s 501 collection on its 140th Anniversary. To turn this into a mass movement, Levi’s is also launching its first ever non-denim 501 range this month! Also, a website is being created which allows customers to post pictures of them in their 501 collection.

But, many critics say that all this might not be sufficient to translate into public choice, owing to the intense competition and wide array of brands that customers today can choose from in the denim industry.

Yet, Levi’s spokespersons sound quite confident and are sure that this re launch is the perfect way to grab the attention of today’s youth who have a great love for the evolution and history of a brand.


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