8 Oct

Strategy strategy jeans

China first referred to in the book of the thousand character classic: “the founding text, are clothes clothes”. Create text with the same dress as ancient humans started to enter the important symbol of civilization. Clothes, clothes on she under. Ancient humans to Storm worm snakes against, first to plant leaves and dry fiber used to shelter down, later wearing a coat. So after everyone came to earth so far, the first dress is diapers, this is a miniature civilization of ancient people and clothing.

Now popular among young men and women wearing jeans, understandable, but cannot be used to show instead of the cowboy spirit of hard work philosophy. Jeans also depends on the season, her hot day ducks do not health or uncomfortable, crotch is not good as tight as possible. Belly is not exposed, the more the United States and Vietnam. More not on the labor situation, wearing the dingy, the vivid atmosphere, likes to wear jeans, young friends, hard working cowboy is not confused by living as their own culture of nutrition, wearing out their noble temperament.
Jeans are United States a carrier of civilization, has its historical background and culture, denim in United States history has survived for decades, 1866–1888 time of year over the peak of its development.

At that time United States Western modern railway and highway transportation. Vast pastures in Western large herd management and trans-shipment of cattle for sale depends on a lot of cowboy riding a horse on the boundless wilderness and miles long around. Rich Western long Horn cattle drive to miles outside of Texas, then transported by train to major eastern cities. After the 20th century, railway and highway gradually developed. Cattle industry is for industrialized armed all the time. In animal production and transportation links ended the Cowboys ride the heroic age.
End of the cowboy era, but the Cowboys brave image of the pioneering and enterprising spirit of hard work and Ying-make sure you save the. In the spread of industrialization brings the enjoyment of material at the same time, cowboy culture through open competitions held throughout the year, performers in the past there had been tough tough spirit. Especially on the screen wearing a straw hat, jeans, waist and heroic carry import rode a horse, is admired by contemporary young men and women. Professional Cowboys to participate in the competition for a living, they live in remote wilderness, lived a simple and tough life, not confused by urban modern life. They said, “where life is not important, important is why life. “When the Cowboys open up Wild West and in a spirit of hard struggle spirit under harsh natural environment and destiny, that they adhere to and advocate for culture.
Westerly East, after the reform and opening up, jeans under the commercial hype, soon caught on in China, Red skirt jeans instead of the streets.

Old canvas jeans started in United States gold rush miners in the West, their old broken tent canvas apron to the Cowboys to inspire. To prevent the thorns on the grasslands, they use the old canvas pants, both wearable and not afraid of grass Thorn, very practical.


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