16 Oct

Weight Loss Tips for Teen Girls

Teenage obesity is a growing trend that can be dangerous, according to the Mayo Clinic. However, a balanced approach should be taken for weight loss during the teen years, because this is a time when a young girl is still developing and she does need a certain amount of fat to develop properly. The Mayo Clinic says to encourage your daughter to be healthy rather than thin. Help your daughter achieve her weight loss goals by adopting a healthy lifestyle collectively as a family.


Focus on Nutrition

Focus on nutrition and portion sizes rather than diets. Restricting too many calories can result in nutritional deficiencies. The Mayo Clinic says to teach your daughter that weight loss is a lifetime commitment. To maintain a healthy weight, you need to develop good habits by being more active and eating nutrient-dense foods.

Avoid fast food or processed food. Instead eat whole foods that have not been broken down and packaged. Eat whole fruits and vegetables along with lean meats. In addition, consume plenty of water. Model this behavior and encourage your teenager to do the same. Your children learn from your example at an early age, but you can continue to model a healthy lifestyle as your child reaches her teen years. If you are inactive and unhealthy, your children are likely to be that way as well.


Eating the right foods is important for any teenage girl, but many teens also forget about the most vital meal of the day. Breakfast helps to recharge your brain and get you going in the morning. However, a healthy morning meal does not consist of a doughnut or pastry. Instead, eat fruit or eggs for breakfast, and encourage your daughter to do the same. Other good options are yogurt or whole-grain toast.


Encourage your teenager to get involved in sports and other high school activities. Sports such as volleyball and basketball are excellent for teen girls. Even cheerleading requires a lot of physical activity. If your daughter doesn’t like sports, ask her if she would like to join ballet or dance outside of school. You can also buy a gym membership for you and your teen, and work out together every day after school.

Goal Journal

Write down your weight-loss goals in a journal and keep track of your progress. Fill this book full of anything that inspires you to take action, such as photos and inspirational quotes. Do this with your entire family and share your ideas and goals with one another. Both parents should get involved and take this seriously. Have a weekly family meeting and talk about your progress. This may also help to encourage healthy competition among siblings.

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